On arrival, you will access a room outside the building to collect your key from a safe-box.

On the day of your arrival, your check-in time can be anytime after 3pm.

On the day of your departure it is very important you leave the apartment and return your key to the safebox before 12pm noon.


Your apartment building, Arc House, is located in an area called 'Tower Bridge'.

The two closest stations to Tower Bridge are 'London Bridge Station' and 'Bermondsey Station'.

London Bridge Station is a little closer and has better transport connections.

Click Here For A London Tube/Metro Map.


Flat. 152
Arc House
18 Maltby Street

Note: Arc House is a very large building, so when using the postcode 'SE1 3GP' with google or a GPS device, you may see '16 Maltby Street' or other numbers register for Arc House. Do not be alarmed. If you arrive at Maltby Street, or Tanner Street, you will not miss Arc House.


If you are walking from London Bridge Station, follow Tooley Street until it hits Tower Bridge Road and turn right along Tower Bridge Road, walking away from the direction of the famous bridge. You must turn into Tanner Street, the third road on your left. Tanner Street has a restaurant called ‘ Constancia Argentinean Grill’ on the corner. Maltby Street is connected to Tanner Street, but once you have turned into Tanner Street, you will immediately see Arc House directly in front of you, photograph below.

Click Here For The Location Of Arc House Using Google Maps.

Click here for my own guide showing the journey from London Bridge Station to the apartment building.

Arc House is a curved building with painted yellow details on the brickwork.

Click Here For a Photograph Of Arc House



Unloading from a taxi/cab/uber is easy, but parking a vehicle permanently may not be possible as there are not many parking spaces outside the building and rarely empty. I will discuss your parking options later in the instructions.


When you arrive at Arc House, you will access a bin room (garbage/trash room). Inside this room, there is a safe-box mounted on the wall to your left. Inside the safe-box are your apartment keys.

The door to the bin room is located on the exterior of the building. There are a few bin rooms, so please make sure you have the correct bin room and if you find a bin room and can't access it, you most likely and the wrong one, be patient and continue looking.

First - Locate the bin room which is directly outside the red letter box, this is not your bin room, but it's a great starting point. Now continue walking LEFT of this bin room, to the next bin room down. Following the curve of the apartment building, walking down Maltby Street - the bin room you want is close to the entrance to 'D Block'.

You’ll need to enter the code ‘C2567Y’ to open the bin room door.
Upon entering, the key-safe is on the wall to your left. Input the code '5,7,9' to unlock the safe-box and your key will be inside. Your key wlil be labelled 'Flat 152' although if you can not find a key labelled 'Flat 152', the key labelled 'P' will also work. PLEASE be careful not to take any other key, and PLEASE ONLY TAKE ONE KEY FOR YOUR BOOKING. We need the other ones as emergency keys required by building regulation.

After you have taken your key, close the safe-box and spin the numerical dial to obscure the code you entered before leaving the room.

Your keys for the apartment will include a circular plastic building key, and a metal apartment door key.

Access the building using the plastic key. There are many entrances located on the outside of the building. Each entrance has a sign explaining which apartments it has access to, you are are looking for a sign for apartments that include '152'. Once you enter through the door, take the elevator/lift to the 8th floor.

Walking down a long corrdior, you will arrive at your apartment. You may find the key can be stiff. Don’t panic if it’s not working, just turn the handle up while you turn the key.


You need to lift the handle up, while turning the key to lock the apartment door.

The WiFi username and password are located on the back of the WIFI box in the apartment living room. On the back of the WIFI box there is a small label. One the label you can read the ussername and password. The network name will start with 'EEBrightBox...' or 'EEHub...'. The password will be three words, for example: 'three-blind-mice'.

If this doesn't work, you must find the WIFI box in the apartment living room and on the back of the WIFI box there is a small label. One the label you can read the default username and password. Usually the password will be three words, for example: 'three-blind-mice'.


If you find bags of clean laundry in a cupboard, please do not use them. This laundry is for the next guest. Your clean linen is already on the beds or folded on top of the spare beds. Your bath towels are folded on your beds and left in the bathroom. I welcome my guests to use the washing machine/dryer machine if they want to wash linen and their own clothes.

There is a very small chance I may need to gain access to your apartment to deliver laundry for the next guest. This is highly unlikely and always done before you arrive, but if I need access, I will knock very loudly and wait a long time before I use my emergency key to enter.


When you switch the television on, it might take 10-20 seconds to power up. If you change the language on the television, please always remember to change it back to English before you leave. 


You can find the washing machine and dryer unit in the water boiler cupboard within the apartment. If you would like to use the dryer, select a separate cycle for drying after a washing cycle has completed. Do not select the combined washer/dryer cycle as this takes a very long time to finish.


I try my best to stock the apartment with essentials (soap, toilet paper, salt, sugar, etc) but because of the frequency of guests sometimes a product might run out and not be replenished in time for your arrival. As this is a self-service apartment, I ask you to purchase any relatively cheap item that you may find on the rare occasion is missing.

I do not have a coffee machine (Nespresso, etc) in the apartment.


There is a very convenient food store, called 'The Co-op Food' on Tower Bridge Road. A few minutes walk from the apartment building.

Click Here For The Location Of Co-Op Food Using Google Maps.


There is a building concierge office, located on the exterior of the building. They list their opening days and hours on a sign outside. You are welcome to use this facility and give the address of your apartment for your post. You can visit the office, and ask them for your parcel/mail. If something arrives for you after you leave, I can not guarantee I will have an opportunity to send it to you. So please make sure you have enough time to receive it during your stay.

Click Here To See A Photograph Of The Location Of The Concierge Office.


There may not be parking space directly in front of the building or even nearby. The closest car park is called 'Q-Park Tower Bridge'. Their prices range from £4 an hour to £25 for 24 hours.

 Click Here To See The Location Of The Car Park Using Google Maps.

Click Here For Their Website And Pricing Details.



Please be respectful and considerate to the other tenants in the building. No loud music, television or shouting after 10.30pm. And no smoking within the building. Not even on the balcony. If you want to smoke, you will have to stand outside of the main entrance.


You must not leave your rubbish/trash outside of the building on the street.

Please take your rubbish the bin room and put it in the large bins there.


Please leave the apartment in the condition you found it when you arrived. This is a self-service apartment and you are expected to leave it reasonably clean.

Before you leave, remove your dirty bed linen from the beds and put them, with your dirty towels, in a pile in the hallway. Please do not leave dirty dishes in or around the sink. Please do not leave dishes inside the dishwasher (dirty or clean). All plates and utensils must be washed, dried and returned to the cupboards and drawers.

When you are ready to leave the apartment, simply close the door, lock it and make your way out of the building. Returning the bin room, and placing your keys back in the safe-box.



The best way to contact me is to send a message on the website you made the booking. I get immediate message notifications to my phone, and it is unlikely more than 2 hours would pass before I looked at my phone, usually I reply in a few seconds. I have a 100% correspondence rating on the booking platforms and my response rate is very fast.

Although I can not always answer my phone to speak, I can always read and reply to messages, so the quickest way to get my attention is to send me a message.

Using the booking website to message me, allows me to see your name, your booking reference number, the apartment you are staying - making it easier for me to answer your question or deal with your problem.

If there is a fault in your apartment, something is broken that needs repair, you arrived and your apartment is not cleaned, you are unsure how to use something, or you feel something is missing, whether you are unhappy or just want directions, for all your questions, problems and complaints - send me a message and have faith that it will be dealt with very quickly.



An emergency is a situation were you are in danger. Example: You can not gain access to your apartment, or there is a flood or a fire. Then please call this emergency number: 07855747081

If you are unhappy or angry because of an issue, once again, I ask you send me a message and not abuse the emergency number - I will resolve your issue very quickly and always work hard to keep my guests happy.


You will find Arc House and the surrounding neighbourhood very charming. Cafes, restaurants, riverside strolls and the iconic sights of this historic city. I know you will have a wonderful vacation and I am always just a message away should you need anything.

Enjoy your stay!